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Bahnmüller UJ, Krysiak YS, Locmelis S, Polarz S. Aerosol-Prepared Microcrystals as Amplifiers to Learn about the Facet and Point Defect-Dependent Lability and Stabilization of Hybrid Perovskite Semiconductors against Humidity and Light. Crystal growth & design. 2022 Aug 3;22(8):4948-4955.

Brázda P, Klementová M, Krysiak Y, Palatinus L. Accurate lattice parameters from 3D electron diffraction data. I. Optical distortions. IUCRJ. 2022 Nov;9(6).

Fillafer N, Kuper H, Schaate A, Locmelis S, Becker JA, Krysiak Y et al. Design of Active Defects in Semiconductors: 3D Electron Diffraction Revealed Novel Organometallic Lead Bromide Phases Containing Ferrocene as Redox Switches. Advanced functional materials. 2022 Jun 8;32(24). 2201126.

Gebauer D, Gale JD, Cölfen H. Crystal Nucleation and Growth of Inorganic Ionic Materials from Aqueous Solution: Selected Recent Developments, and Implications. Small. 2022 Jul 14;18(28). 2107735.

Herrmann T, Schierz AK, Prediger M, Reifenrath J, Meißner J, Wurz MC et al. Effect of PEG functionalization on the saturation magnetization of magnetic nanoporous core-shell nanoparticles. International Journal on Magnetic Particle Imaging. 2022 Mär 21;8(1). 2203009.

Keppler NC, Josephine Hindricks KD, Behrens P. Large refractive index changes in ZIF-8 thin films of optical quality. RSC Advances. 2022 Feb 16;12(10):5807-5815.

King M, Avaro JT, Peter C, Gebauer D. Solvent-mediated isotope effects strongly influence the early stages of calcium carbonate formation: exploring D2O vs. H2O in a combined computational and experimental approach. Faraday discussions. 2022;235:36-55.

Krysiak Y, Costa MLD, Pöllmann H, Göske J, Kolb U. Automated electron diffraction tomography on nanoanatase and goyazite from clay cover of bauxite deposits in the amazon. Boletim do Museu de Geociências da Amazônia. 2022 Jun 30;9(1).

Li F, Klepzig LF, Keppler N, Behrens P, Bigall NC, Menzel H et al. Layer-by-Layer Deposition of 2D CdSe/CdS Nanoplatelets and Polymers for Photoluminescent Composite Materials. LANGMUIR. 2022 Sep 20;38(37):11149-11159.

Lindemann N, Schawe JEK, Lacayo-Pineda J. Kinetics of the Glass Transition of Silica-Filled Styrene–Butadiene Rubber: The Effect of Resins. Polymers. 2022 Jul 1;14(13). 2626.

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