Kolloquium: 23.08.2021 - Prof. Hesemann - Thema "Ionosilicas"

Colloquium: 23.08.2021 - Prof. Hesemann - Topic "Ionosilicas

Prof. Dr. Peter Hesemann, Université de Montpellier, is at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry for a colloquium.

As part of the colloquium of materials and nanosciences, a colloquium will take place on 23.08.2021. Prof. Hesemann from the Université Montpellier will report on ionosilicas, a topic that is certainly of particular interest for research at our institute.

The lecture is to take place as an attendance event in the OCI-Auditorium.

Please ensure that you are "3G" qualified (recovered, vaccinated, [self] tested if applicable).

We are looking forward to this live event:

Mon, 23/08/21, 4:15pm.


Prof. Dr. Peter Hesemann, Institut Charles Gerhardt, Université de Montpellier, France

Topic: "From Ionic Liquids to nanostructured Ionic Solids: Ionosilicas as 'Designer Material"

The lecture is creditable in the context of the seminar Current Results from Materials Chemistry in the module Current Aspects of Materials Chemistry.