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Contact angle measurement since 15.07.21

Contact angle measurement since 15.07.21

A contact angle measuring apparatus has also been available in Building 2501 since 15.07.21.

This is an OCA 15EC from the company DataPhysics Instruments. Equipped with a double syringe module, each for glass and disposable syringes, and a camera with up to 156 frames/s at 1448 x 1066 pixels or 3246 frames/s at 1448 x 60 pixels. This means that even fast processes can be recorded and evaluated.

In addition, the instrument also has an electronically controlled tilting device of up to 100°. The following processes are available for measurements:

  • Pendant drop (pendant drop)
  • Static contact angle (sessile and captive drop)
  • Dynamic contact angle

       Evaluation methods are available for the following parameters:

  • Contact angle measurement (static and dynamic)
  • Surface tension
  • Interfacial tension
  • Advancing and retreating contact angle
  • Calculation of surface energies and their components
  • Calculation of wetting envelope
  • Calculation of adhesion contact angle diagrams
  • Interfacial tension between 2 liquids.
  • Measurements on entrapped droplets or gas bubbles.


For instructions: Cornelia Lanz

For general questions: Stephan Siroky