Main Research Areas and Research Groups

At our institute, inorganic chemistry is represented in its entire diversity by the working groups and junior researchers. The research groups focus on solid-state and materials chemistry as well as molecular chemistry and polymers.

Inorganic solid state and materials chemistry

The research group works on inorganic-organic hybrid materials and their modelling as well as active compound-releasing implants.

Inorganic coordination chemistry

Researchers in the field of inorganic coordination chemistry study molecular switches. Switching processes are conceivable in various applications: From biology to IT and technology to medicine. The connection of molecular switches to solid-state nano-objects has already been achieved. Such nano-hybrids show novel switching phenomena, which are observed using Mößbauer spectroscopy.

Molecular and materials science

The research groups focus on the relationship between the structure and function of materials: They develop new molecular units with different features.

Applied polymer chemistry

The main focus of group's work is on the improvement of polymer materials and their processing.

Solid state and materials analytics

The combination and enhancement of the methodological arsenal of materials analysis is the main focus of the working group.

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