CRC/TRR SIIRI: We’re in!

DFG Funds Millions for Hanover's Implant Research:

The Collaborative Research Center/Transregio 298 „SIIRI: Safety-Integrated and Infection-Reactive Implants“ was granted by the DFG, a tremendous success for research in Hannover. The CRC transfers concepts for the surveillance of strains and damages from production and materials technology onto medical implants in order to – on the long run – increase implant safety and patient satisfaction.

In one of the subprojects, the group of Professor Behrens conducts research on implant coatings, which – upon infection – combat this infection in an initial step and which then induce regeneration. In spite of all efforts, sometimes implants fail and have to be removed. For this purpose, nanocomposite coatings will be developed in another subproject. These coatings allow a good integration of the implant in the normal state, but which can be softened upon an external trigger (magnetic field, light) to allow a gentle intentional implant removal. In the CRC, natural scientists and engineers of the Leibniz University Hannover cooperate with medical practitioners from the Medical University Hannover (MHH): Spokesperson of the CRC is Professor Dr. Meike Stiesch from the MHH; Professor Dr. Behrens is the head of the Integrated Graduate School.