Neue Thermowaage und Peripheriegeräte im cfMATCH

New Thermobalance and Peripherals in cfMATCH

On 01 and 02 June, the new TGA was installed in the ACI in the cfMATCH area and the existing equipment was supplemented.

This means that the following devices are now available for measurements:

The new Netzsch "STA 449 F5 Jupiter" thermobalance with DSC or DTA sample holder can currently be operated with atmospheres of N2, O2 or mixtures of the two gases.

The temperature range of the thermobalance can be used from room temperature to 1500°C with heating rates from 2 up to 20 K min-1. The existing Netzsch "STA 409 PC LUXX" with DSC or DTA sample holder, currently operated with Ar, O2 or mixtures thereof, has a coupled mass spectrometry (QMS 403 D Aëolos) for mass ranges from 1 to 300 U to identify corresponding decomposition products.

This instrument has now been supplemented by a coupled IR detection (Bruker TGA-IR and InvenioS), which can detect gaseous decomposition substances in the wave number range from 8000 to 340 cm -1 via DLaTGS detector. IR detection can also be used independently of the thermobalance for KBr compacts. This means that released gases can now be analyzed separately or in parallel using mass spectrometry and IR spectroscopy. The spectrum of possible measurements on the thermobalances has thus been extended and the throughput of samples has been increased.

Contact person for measurements: Katharina Petrović

Contact person for general methodological questions: Stephan Siroky